Simple Drupal tutorial

Here are some simple installation steps when using Drupal software. Building your website from scratch can be daunting and tedious, but why not try to make your own site using the Drupal software platform which you can get and she Drupal software et-up for free. Using Drupal to build your website helps you to create customized web pages and once you have all the web connection and design prerequisites, then you can start with your website creation process. Drupal is a software package that you can download from the internet and install on your PC, so you can say goodbye to expensive web designers and save money.

Using Drupal as your website platform

Download Drupal on to your main computer. It could be your primary desktop computer or it could also be your laptop. Just as long as it’s the one you are going to use to update or add content to your website. Your primary working computer will be your best choice as you will have all the information you need from that system and it would be easy to manage through your files and folders when loading content to your website.

Quick installation

for beginners, this is your best option to have your website set up and running. It provides the easy and quick install means recommended for setting it up. But first, you need to have your hosting service before you can have this done. If you have already subscribed to a webhosting service, then you can now proceed with the step by step quick install process. If you do not have your web hosting service yet, you may need to set one up. There are a lot of free hosting services that you can find in the internet so just open any and follow instructions on how to set it up.

Manual installation

this is for advanced users who would like to tweak their websites a bit. It could also be your next option for installation if the quick install process does not work. Make sure that you set-up your configuration file and allow permissions. Create a database. This is where you may need to input all the data for your website and where it will source the data feeds from. One example of a database is phpMyAdmin where you can create a database and when you are done creating one, you can use it to register in your website. Start using the Drupal engine. Download the software package from the internet. Simply do this by unzipping the file inside the site’s root folder. Set-up your website and install. Open the Drupal software and start filling out the required fields so you can get started right away. After you have saved the file and settings, then initiate the installation process.

Run the installation script then you are good to go

this will help you get started and once you are done, you could advertise your website via social media networks. Take some time to go through your site so that you can go through your website so that you can try and tweak it to your heart’s content.