How to get free domain

With the internet still rising in its claim to fame, having your own website can help you get ahead of your business or personal status, but getting a domain for free, now that is something to look out for. Just when you are about to feel that everything is tagged with a price, you’d least expect getting your web domain for free expecting to cough pout some cash to set one up. Actually, there is a way to get yourself to build your own website and get a domain without spending too much, in fact, it’s all absolutely free.

How to get free domain

The internet is awash with all sorts of resources – some would cost so much, some a little less and more that’s free. Yes, free as a bird in the sky. Getting a domain is crucial because it is needed to set-up your URL or Universal Resource Link which is your address on the web.

Beggars can’t be choosers

If you are starting out, open a search engine and use the key words ‘free domain’ on the search bar to give you results. The upside for all the search results is that you can get it for free, or either use it for a certain period of time as a trial run or ones that are absolutely and eternally free. Of course, the catch with the free ones are that you don't get to customize your own, but you can often use a custom name but it would need to attach additional characters as part of the deal for the site offering it for free. Be careful in picking and using your domain names because it can sometimes be very tricky especially since the domain name has to be a continuous string of characters that could sometimes give wrong impressions when joined together. Different sites may have different instructions when registering domain names so make sure to be careful in following the instructions to make sure that you get to complete the task without hitches.

Get free web hosting

Make sure to not close the window you used to register your domain name as you need some of the details when signing up for web hosting. Again, try to search the web for free hosting services and when you find it try to choose for one that would best suit your needs. Of course, choose the ones that are free. Follow all the instructions provided and use the details that will be asked on the accounts that you registered with. Once you have gone through the process, simply make sure that you start advertising your website. There are a couple of ways to try and advertise it but with social media networks, you can just breeze through a lot of social and extended networks here you could simply input your code and URL and make it accessible for everyone.So the next time that you try to make another mark into the internet world, fear not. You have these free domain services that can help you save money and not spend a single dime.